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Ahoy! gallery

Immerse yourself into the world of colors by the Spanish Empar Boix. The artist completed her art studies in Valencia, then studied in Caracas / Venezuela and finally in Amsterdam to incorporate the European culture in her extravagant style. Since then she has been fascinating her audience with her extraordinary works which seem to put gravity out of action. It’s as if the artist were seeing her characters through a kaleidoscope, sometimes out of proportion, distorted, ecstatic and somewhat „out of the box“ – but always enchanted. The works are the prelude to a series of exhibitions that the AHOY! Art Gallery Palma will host this summer.
VERNISSAGE on WEDNESDAY, 19 JUNE 2019 from 19 to 21 hYou can expect interesting encounters in our gallery – the artist will be present at the opening of the exhibition. Our neighborhood restaurant «fera» serves finger food and fine wines during the event. We look forward to toasting with you on the ‚joie de vivre‘ and life itself.

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